Wednesday, January 16, 2013

life lately; according to my iphone

my mom is the cutest. hands down. thanks babe-licious for literally moving and organizing on your "vacation."
mom's rule!
jeff's joy when we first view our new apartment!

lunch with my momma at the most perfect little park across the street from a very very delicious gem of a gem in san mateo, called mr. pickles

early morning {like 7 AM} breakfast with erik, our brother-in-law in san fran as he is en route to geneva, switzerland.

best text i could ever receive from the hubs. his excitement makes this whole journey that much better.
thanks babycenter for keeping us updated and comparing baby girl to various fruits and veggies {healthy baby}.


  1. 1. mom's are the best
    2. moving is the worst
    3. i want to come see your new place and i am proud of us that we are both being apartment managers
    4. cutest text ever about your baby on the way!

  2. Found my way here through Chase and Em.....LOVE the text about baby on the way! I have a seven-month-old and already have baby fever!!!

  3. Your hubs is such a sweetie, getting excited about the little-big things in life!