Tuesday, January 15, 2013


oh hey.

we are bumpin' over here!
{*apologies, these are last weeks pictures, tomorrow i am 19 weeks!*}
i cant decide which sounds longer, 19 weeks, or almost 5 months.. i think almost 5 months.

i received this shirt from miranda, at onelittleminuteblog, and i am super excited to document baby's growth over the next couple months! 

and i'm sorry, these are not my finest pictures.

yes. this is my belly.
hello pregnant!

and this is how i feel...

i feel like i havent really written very much about my pregnancy thus far, so here goes.
we have yet to feel baby girl kick. at night i literally poke fingers into my tummy hoping to bug her and get a kick back. i am also feeling SO much better! it was a christmas miracle! i can no longer sleep on my tummy {not that i did pregnancy snobs, but sometimes in the morning i'd lay on my tummy for a couple minutes}. i can still use the excuse "but i'm pregnant.." my skin is finally starting to resemble normalcy. im not a tirez zombe anymore.

although i know that my body is going to change it is so crazy to feel like i have no control over it. it is so bizarre what our bodies are capable of. let's just hope that the body butter helps my body to resemble pre-pregnancy as much as possible!

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  1. OMgoodness, I desperately want one of those shirts for the next time I get preg!!! LOVE!!

    Found my way here thru c&e :))