Tuesday, December 18, 2012

lately lately lately

lately there are a couple things i am really really enjoying!

i would love to eat pebble ice all day every day! i also wish that there were somewhere other than the stanford locker room that had it! (thanks bo for going and getting it).
there is one thing that utah does have that ca does not. that and cafe rio.


and CHRISTMAS lights!

i keep thinking that it is so cold here, and then i imagine myself in utah.
i am SUCH a baby when it comes to being cold and the snow, but it really doesn't feel like christmas without it- so i am so excited to see the snow, and bundle up in hats and gloves!


  1. truly like I'm just in love with your blog, i love following it and that mug is amazing. I just saw it at anthro and fell in love!! I truly cannot wait to just watch your blog grow!



  2. are you still in SLC? If you're here I want to see you one last time and if not..maybe we will come out for spring break and visit you!!!