Monday, December 17, 2012

we're coming home for christmas!

yay! i can't wait! for friday!
hopefully you guessed that this picture is for my FAMILY christmas card, because my family thinks it is fun to take these cards to a whole new level. so let's just laugh it off and move on shall we?

so we are both going home on friday, an hour apart, from different airports. why it all happened like this is a different story, and how we are going to get to the airports initially- i don't know, but we will meet back up at the airport and then head the cafe rio!
sounds like a perfect plan to me!

we are so excited to be home for the holidays and to spend it with family and friends- who we have been missing so much lately!

if you are interested in running into us this holiday season, you could try cafe rio (more than once), hires, mikado, temple lights, the les mis movie, or any other delicious utah restaurants- we plan to visit them all!

when we come back we are really in for some busy weeks ahead!
we recently interviewed for an apartment management position and yay! we got it!
so we are moving to san mateo, which is closer to the city-fun! we move that first weekend of january and then start working/managing that following monday.
so this week will be spent packing, packing, packing!
and it does feel like we just did this, probably because we just did!

we are sad to leave palo alto, but we are really looking forward to this opportunity and know that it wil be a good thing!

MERRY CHRISTMAS so soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. ah congrats!! we are interviewing for some too! since we never saw you in palo alto we'll have to come see the new place once we're all back after christmas! and we might bump into you in SLC since we'll be doing lots of the same things! xoxo

  2. so im kind of offended we didn't receive one of these cards with this picture. you are leo's godparents, i mean isn't that family enough?!