Thursday, December 6, 2012

whoops skipped over this... belate thanksgiving

at this time in our lives there are SO many things to be grateful for!
too many blessings to count!

our marriage, how jeff is ALWAYS right and helps me make more mature decisions, and not act on impulse. even though we usually take the impulse route, and then i see the light after i'm realizing i should have just listened to jeff. i will probably never admit to this again, so soak it up babe.

our families. for their love and support. i can call me my mom everyday, all day, and even wake her up at night and chat with her about nothing.

our sweet puppy bevi, who just graduated puppy class and is becoming a smarter dog every day!

good strangers. we have been blessed lately with many good strangers coming into our lives and really surprising us with kindness. 

our friends. our friends at home that we miss and try to keep up with whats happening in their lives as much as possible! and our new friends here. we have been so lucky to have found some palo alto gems out here!

the church. at this time in our life i could not be more thankful for something in my life than the church. moving away and having an instant "family" willing to help you with anything! we really lucked out with our ward and love them all so much!

the babe in my belly! we thought we would have to wait a long time to see you, but we don't! you are here and you are growing and we couldn't be happier about anything else. so far we love your videos and pictures {ultrasound}. and think you'll be even cooler in person! 

our new life! so much has changed in the past year, and we are so happy with how everything has turned out! we love where we live and jeff's work.

and now onto
and can i just say that my man is as sexy as it gets in this! mmmmmm! yum-my!


  1. Aaawwww your little baby must be very excited to meet both of you too ♥

  2. I love this. You truly are blessed and its a wonderful life. What a happy time Lize :) Xoxo

  3. love your blog, so so glad i found it!