Tuesday, March 19, 2013

happy birthday weekend, part 1


this weekend was birthday weekend for my mom! it is always fun when my parents come into town, and i was so excited cause it was going to be the first time they were actually coming for a vacation! so far they have visited twice to help us move and then help me be sick and pregnant- so it was time for a vacation, and what better time than a birthday!!

we celebrated with dinner, presents, sprinkles cupcakes and tulips- best birthday combo eh?

we went to dinner at the stinking rose, sounds delicious right? haha- well it truly was!
and the restaurant was so flippin' fun!
if the name is not somewhat obvious, it is a garlic inspired restaurant
the motto is "we season our garlic with food"

so here we are enjoying our garlic infused deliciousness!

so happy birthday mother goose! i hope you enjoyed your stay!
come back soon! oh wait, you will be back in a month, ha!

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  1. Oh how i love your mom. Glad she could spend a bday with you :) you're still looking cute you preggo lady!