Monday, March 18, 2013

spring break visitors!

this weekend we were fortunate enough to have some visitors!
our good friend bethany is awesome and decided to stay in school and take full advantage of those glorious breaks. and so spring break came and so did she!

we love having visitors and especially love when we get to the city!
bethany and i ventured into the SF and although it was great, we were treated as rookies.
we were honked at, literally being two feet in front of the car.
 a bird pooped on my head.
we got a parking ticket- for not turning my car week to the curb
bethany's purse was almost stolen.
our feet were walked a little too much, but we loved it!

we got sandwiches at ike's {yummiest}, picnicked at alamo square park across from the painted ladies.
then we went to the ferry building and rested with some dc and walked along the bay looking at golden gate bridge!

we love you beth and we hope you come back soon!
maybe next time i wont be poking you with a baby belly!!

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