Monday, March 25, 2013

more birthday weekend, part 2

continuing one with last weeks visitors, my parents and my mom's birthday weekend!

of course we went into the city a couple times.
we felt really smart and intelligent when we decided to go to the de young museum to see the famous, never left europe in its whole existence, girl with the pearl earring portrait. neither of us had been to the museum, and we loved how it is right in golden gate park!

after the museum we went to a very small and funny korean bbq that was so delicious and weird.
it was called art's cafe and it was a teeny tiny little place. the owners were a sweet couple and were so nice, of course my mom became their best friend as she read them what it said about their little cafe from a san francisco tour guide book.

my mom told me that she was proud of my taste buds for being so adventurous, and so was i- cause i have never had korean bbq food, but it was yummy!

my mom found her most favorite black licorice while browsing downtown menlo park.

their last night we ate a a delicious thai restaurant in foster city called thai cuisine. it was beyond delicious and we will definitely be going back there for their appetizer that tasted like a vegas roll!

 and we shopped the farmer's market at the ferry building while jeff golfed with my dad, and we somehow left with a lot of shopping bags from uniqlo, $7 cheese and sore feet.

oh and we aso stubled upon this fellow, who happened to be the one who painted this heart at union square. he was very strange and was wearing the heart all over his shirt. i kind of wonder though if he was really the artist?

as a small break from walking, i settled into the large dressing room while a long line accumulated right outside. sorry everybody, i'm pregnant!


  1. fun fun..and yummy food! let's get dinner again ASAP. i just saw mr. pickles in SF on saturday too! it is a sign i finally have to try it.
    love the dressing room pic- you deserved that break!

    1. yes, we miss you guys!! that sleepover just didn't cut it! we need to get together again! text me and we'll plan something!