Monday, March 25, 2013

oh wait, more visitors.

os let me just recap our true march madness for you...
yes we made a bracket, and yes i am winning.

we also went to monterey the first weekend, had our good friend bethany visit the next weekend, had my parents come the following week for my mom's birthday and then had a last minute visit from our friends emmy and josh and their funniest little babe leo.

but its good when we have visitors, it forces me to deep clean our apartment, buy fresh flowers and decorate it better it one day!

and so me and baby bump get down and dirty with the vacuum, toilet, tub, kitchen, etc.

but really, who could pass these babies up at $1.49 for a bunch of ten? not me!

so i think that sums up march madness for us. but to be honest april isn't too quiet either. we have a vegas trip planned for jeff's work followed by hawaiian paradise!

and then before we know it baby girl will be here and there won't be anything in her nursery. 

poor thing.

on a completely separate note; we are watching dances with wolves, and got me thinking about what my indian name would be... and it got jeff talking in indian all night, great.


  1. the dancing with wolves bit was so random and hilarious. I just got finished with a visit from mom and pop larson and they were too good to us. they left today but I came home to a boquet of those exact same yellow flowers. tj's? love you. ps your baby bump is darling!!!

    1. ellen, i miss you! how are you? are you planning on going to utah anytime soon? I am having some utah showers in may! i hope you and gabe are doing well- it looks like you are living it up! love you!