Sunday, August 4, 2013

2 month june

june is two months... the other day.

it is crazy that i have had my sweet little girl for that long, but then sometimes it isn't, and it feels like she has been in my life much longer. thats probably just because i am awake for a lot more of the day... oh motherhood!

sweet june is...

sleeping like a CHAMP, in her crib and in by 11, and if we're lucky- in her crib awake and then puts herself to sleep. then awake again between 5-7. and heck ya we'll take it! and pat ourselves on the back.

sort of a spitter upper. this, we do not like. i guess i'll just give her to jeff to burp.

she is kind of, sort of, sometimes good at naps. but i am getting tempted to drive her to sleep every afternoon. but it's ok- cause i really really do enjoy snuggling her to sleep, but i also enjoying driving around.

she really enjoys diaper changing.

junie is a smiling little thing, she is most smiley right after she has fed, getting her diaper changed- and sometimes right after she wakes up. she loves when i click my tongue or just talk to her in a soprano level voice.

she had her first blow out the other day, at target. and it was really appreciated by everyone involved, mostly me. since i volunteered to stay in the car not knowingand change her and then ta-da, pooh everywhere!

she is finally filling out her 0-3 month clothes, but i feel that their days are coming to an end :(

this is the best picture i could get. anytime she is all smiles, i get out my phone to capture it and then she gets all concerned with it and stares at it with a furrowed brow.. ha!
so i have this new tip for mothers or mothers to be... i do this with jeff. cause when you have a new baby at home, you need a lot of little favors, cause little things get a lot harder with a babe. so sometimes when i want jeff to cooperate a little better, i call him jeff or uncle jeff in front of june. i promise they will not like this...

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