Saturday, August 3, 2013

our first date since june

{baby june, not the month june- but they both work actually.}

our first official date since june was born. other than while we were home visiting with family we did sneak away for a late night movie. but this was the real deal. we dropped her at our good friends with a bottle, pajamas- the whole shebang! it was a little bit embarrassing how much milky i left for her- i believe i took 3 full 5-6 oz bottles. and she barely knocked out one! haha.
and then we headed to SF for jeff's father's day gift i gave hime awhile back.
jay-z and justin timberlake concert. 
it was SO fun!
good thing we didn't take junie cause she would have definitely been affected by the second hand "smoke" all around us!

the whole night i was crossing my fingers that he would sing sexyback, and was so happy when the last song sung was just that. 

you would actually be pretty surprised at how much we jumped around and bobbed our heads.

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