Wednesday, October 2, 2013

another utah visit.

we just got home from a faster than fast week in utah.
it was so fun to be home and see our friends and family!
my brother got married the first weekend, and then jeffs best friend got married the next weekend!
so we decided to make it a real vacay and stay the week.

some of my highlights below!

i saw this marvelous sight at least once a day! oh the joys of a normal gas station with a fountain drink inside. utah has spoiled me i tell ya! here in california, they could learn a few things! and i would really appreciate if they learned about this!

this is the reason we went home. my brothers wedding. it was so beautiful and i am absolutely thrilled for him! it was a gorgeous day and such a pretty wedding! yay yay for LOVE!
we also were very fortunate to be home during the arrival of sweet baby henry! i was os happy that we were able to meet him. he is a darling babe and the best parents around! it was really really crazy to see a little newborn. june still seems little to me and then i meet this little thing! i cannot believe that june was smaller than henry! no way!
um... have you EVER seen a giraffe sit down? because i witnessed that at the zoo! and i kid you not, i thought it was passing out or something. i have never seen a giraffe sit down and it looked like its legs were breaking. it was the weirdest thing ever!
we also got to meet baby marleigh! june was majorly excited to meet her future best friend!

we were able to catch up with friends, and leo and june could not have been more excited to meet! leo was such a show-off and walking around and breaking glass bottles... and june showed off her new trick of grabbing her ear and not ever wanting to let go. she also showed off her sweet new rolls she's been working on, check out those arms and legs!! ow ow!
parker also came over to visit, and pull off this amazing thing. somehow he managed to get these two things apart. which, if you have ever been to my house and sat on my sofa, then you have most likely tried to un-tangle these and never succeed. well boys and girls, he did it. and sadly, he has NO IDEA how he did it!  

junie loves being with her great grandma!

our sweet girl is at such a fun stage where she is loving her bedtime stories! she just stares at the pictures! we started doing her bedtime routine at two months old, and she definitely had no idea what was going on! but it's been really fun to see her become more and more interested in them, and now we can easily get through the whole book with her eyes glued. while we were home we shared bedtime with lots of other people! and sweet aunt bethy was one of them, who happened to get this picture!

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