Thursday, October 3, 2013

fall is upon us

apple picking with this little fall babe!

junie girl is 4 months old! {on sept 22, so sort of 4.5 months old! whoops} i cannot believe it! she is lasting longer at church. and is definitely out of the sleep, eat, wake/cry {repeat over and over} stage.  she still does all those things. but she is mastering them now and is doing a lot better at eliminating crying. yay! some things that i definitely want to remember about this stage... she cannot keep her hands out of her mouth, and she isn't sucking on the back of her hands, like some babies. she literally shoves all her fingers in her mouth at once. this also results in gagging. even when she has her bink in her mouth, she is trying to fit her fingers in too. she is super smiley. we have only gotten her to laugh 2-3 times. she is fully grabbing at things, and stares at her fist long enough to get a headache.  she has started to not like bedtime as much, and so we have started "cry it out," and it's pretty brutal. but she is asleep in 30 minutes. hopefully she catches on pretty soon and this stage is over !  she is still chunky, and i have officially packed up her 0-3 month clothes. it makes me sad. she is getting much more chatty, and there really is no way to describe the sound she makes,  but don't worry, soon enough i'll be writing "mama" down as her first words. she loves her bumbo, and it makes getting ready a whole lot easier. she is completely entertained by me walking around the room talking to her. ha! she loves her ears. i swear she is going to pull them off, she grabs onto them so tightly! also, this picture, is not just a great picture, she lays like this all the time. she just loves a good relax!

the other day was this guys birthday!!^^
we were actually flying home on his actual birthday, but we celebrated it multiple times in utah, and then went to dinner with friends once we were home. it was quite the night! happy birthday jeff! you are my ultimate favorite person and i think you are pretty neat. your such a hard worker and junie and i love ya lots! we're proud to call you ours and think that you have a pretty sweet 27 years behind ya. and don't be sad about getting old, cause you have a baby to show for it! 

oh and just some side notes that have nothing to do with anything... when i was home in utah, i wanted to look at old pictures of me, so i did, and i had boy hair until i was three, not by choice, but because my sweet little hair would not grow. until i was three!!!!! poor june!

also, youtube "what does the fox say"

i also just got the new iphone and i am very happy with it. and who thinks they can sell a gold iphone on craigslist for $1600..... really???

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  1. oh my gosh!!! she is the cutest! this makes me want a baby