Wednesday, October 30, 2013

we're in hawaii

jk, we just got back from hawaii, and we are all very very sad.
especially june, since she can't seems to grasp a bedtime. poor thing.

oh well, we'll get through it!

hawaii was so fun! it was the perfect trip that came at just the right time! yay!
we spent most our days at the beach, but played in the pool for june. she liked it better and better each day! the ocean, not so much. i don't know if it was the sand, the waves, or the fact that we'd lift her in the air really really fast when the waves came up that scared her. but we're hoping to like the ocean next time. she was a trooper though in our many attempts. 

when we first arrived, we were like ten hours earlier than my parents and our room wouldn't be ready for like ever. so we had to hangout in the hospitality room, which is never filled with good vibes. because people are either coming or going. so they are either mad and tired and jet lagged like us waiting for their room OR they are mad and sad that they are leaving. so we went on many walks that day. so as we were waiting in the hospitality room and it kept getting busier with new arrivals, i noticed that one by one they started to leave. so i checked with the front desk and they assured me that our room would be ready by 3. so three rolls around, and then three turns into 4, and we are not called. i notice that we are veterans in the hospitality room so i decide to go and ask the front desk, and in my bad mood and snotty-ness i am told that our room is ready, and it sort of seemed like it had been for awhile. and i was so mad and un-friendly that i didn't even spark up a conversation with the darling draper, utah girl who had just had a baby! how mean am i? i actually really did feel terrible and went to apologize later that day. other than that i was very pleasant the entire trip!

we ate many a delicious meals including hula grill, leilani's, cheeseburger in paradise, the aloha shack, mama's fish house and sushi. this trip leilani's actually beat out hula grill {they are right next to each other and are somewhat similar so its always a competition}. we had brunch at the plantation after church on sunday. and took in all the amazing views! jeff, my dad and my mom also played the course while we were there. jeff said that he has never played a prettier course in his whole life and insists that i drive in the cart next time. and i obliged, because that means there is a next time ; ) cheeseburger was super fun, ad we got to see and climb the banyan tree and get a personal tour from a homeless guy. it's so hard to end conversations with them sometimes. anyways we were serenaded by this singer that looked out of a 70's movie. his flowy gray hair and hawaiian shirt was just perfect. and then mama's on our last day as we were heading to the airport. mmmmm i love mama's!

we went on a snorkel boat one day and saw huge turtles, my mom also thought a turtle was a rock and stepped on it, and then got a mark on her leg from it swishing away. we took many trips up to whaler's village for a delicious and expensive dc. hawaii is way worse than the airport when it comes to prices. i got a fun mani/pedi the first day. and my mom also lost her wedding ring. this was really sad. she lost it at the airport in honolulu so i decided to call some pawn shops. one in particular told me they hadn't had a lot of activity lately and were thinking about closing. it was pretty awkward. i just said "thats a bummer, but thanks anyways. bye." so, if you go to hawaii and find a wedding ring, give it to my mom k? on our last day, we were going to snorkel and on our way to the water, we got stopped and told that there was a shark in the water! obviously we didn't go and spent the next two hours watching the water for a shark fin. which we later found out was sting rays. boo. but they were still entertaining.

and now for your viewing pleasure

my dad and june at the plantation

lounging on the cabana

i cannot get over how funny junie's face is! ha! this is on the snorkel boat.

until next time.

the end.

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  1. you're a babe. and your descriptions of the trip are hilarious. so many random details.hahah dying!