Saturday, November 9, 2013


we had a VERY fun halloween this year. junie was a little ducky and jeff and i were duck dynasty. i'm not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome.

on halloween day, we went to los altos downtown and trick or treated the shops with all of junies little friends. it was very fun to be apart of halloween from the other side. not that june has any idea why she is wearing a huge sleeping bag thing and a padded bum. but to be more involved in halloween and admire all the other kiddies costumes.

that night we had a little halloween party with friends, and play an intense game of "pick up the paper bag that gets shorter and shorter with your mouth. and on one leg..." this game was not a game for jeff. and not really me either. it was super hard, and yet somehow the tallest of us all was the winner. but then again, it was also the game that they brought. and most of us had never played the game, so who knows how much practice they had before halloween...

ty, sara jane and caroline. kira, bo and hyo. me, jeff and june. tobin randi and tenley

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