Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Paris, day 1 and 2

Paris was to die for! It was such a perfect trip for us.
we have never really been on a trip solo, just us, besides our honeymoon 3.5 years ago.
so it was much overdue.

jeff completely surprised me on christmas with a little eiffel tower ornament on the christmas tree, with the dates written on the bottom.
to say i was shocked/surprised is an understatement. i just kept calling him a liar, and said over and over, "no, you're lying!" and then i asked, "is june coming?" haha, well she didn't,  sans baby.

our first two days in paris we had a hop on, hop off bus tour. which was the best. comes highly recommended by us! it was the perfect way to see the city and learn where everything is in relation to everything, ha. our first stop was notre dame. 

^^the views were breathtaking! paris is too charming! can you see the eiffel tower getting lost in the clouds?

^^ you can see monmartre in this picture! we loved monmartre!  you can see the basilica of the sacré coeur. 

^^ i love this picture. i love the seagulls perched on each head!

^^atop the arc de triomphe. where you feel like you are in the middle of paris! literally it is in the middle of 12 way round-a-bout... what?? this was so awesome to see everything, a view of all of paris!

^^the next morning we headed to the catacombs. talk about spooky!? we were told to try and get to there right when they open because the lines can get up to an hour... well let's all re-think the busy season, because we were 2 of 8 people walking these underground tunnels lined with bones and skulls... the catacombs are sort of insane and are so different from all of the other paris sites. definitely a must-see!

^^this is jeff

^^after the catacombs we went to the the rodin museum, which was such a nice and simple museum because it is just rodin, and wasn't overwhelming. it was nice to focus primarily on one man's works.

^^ oh my gosh, french food! feed me! we ate the most delicious french restaurant! our waiter, who i'm pretty sure was the owner was so nice and chatty with us, which made our experience that much better! i just could have eaten this all day!

^^^ OK STORY!!!!! so we are walking around all romantically in love and  it just started to get a little dark and the streets were beginning to light up, so we asked this woman to take our picture {literally the woman waiting at the crosswalk looking at her phone...} and she said NO! and just so she could go and wait at the crosswalk!! who says no, you live in paris, where your city thrives on tourism! don't say no to me! blah, whatever, we found someone else better! anyways,,, we seriously stuffed ourselves at every meal, so we LOVED to walk! and every night we would walk along the river until we came to the louvre, and then just walked on home to our hotel. it was so fun to just walk and walk and walk and get better acquainted with the city.

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