Wednesday, February 12, 2014

paris, day 3 & 4

on day 3 in paris we took the train to versaille. which was incredible! it is so massive! and the free audio tour is awesome!

and then of course we became major tourists and locked out love..

and they say once you lock it on, it is nearly impossible to find it again, but we did, like ten times after that. every time we walked by we checked it! we seriously jammed it on top of all these other ones and i swear it is impossible to try and add another!

after locking our love, we toured the louvre. which is really insane. there are so many pieces of art there. woah! but it's really crazy to be surrounded by some of thee most famous pieces of art ever! like in the world! of course we saw the mona lisa, which is talked down so much- boo everyone! i had seen it before, but couldn't remember very well, and so i felt like i was sort of seeing it for the first time! it is a little bit awesome! again, to be looking at one of the most famous pieces of art ever! really ever, cause everyone knows about the mona lisa! so we were a little bit in awe, and it exceeded our expectations!

the next day we took a day trip to monmartre! ah, sweet charming monmartre! it is so darling and beautiful! we were fortunate enough to be there on a saturday morning during mass, so walking through the church was beautiful with the nuns singing in the background. we decided to sit down for a little and just enjoy! after we walked the street and found ourselves walking around all the painters selling their art and after much bargaining and deciding- we bought one. and we love it! during our whole paris trip we hardly bought anything, basically because we purchased waaaaaaaay to much food! but whatev. i am happy to be going home with a little bit of paris!

did i mention how charming monmartre is....^^^ uh, hello!

and then we headed to the one and only {besides vegas} eiffel tower!

where we chowed down on some nutella crepes. YUM! and went on a boat ride!

oh... is this annoying!? 

after this night as we were walking home, we were so sad! because our paris trip was almost over! WHY!? 

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