Wednesday, July 6, 2011

en route Gillette, Wyoming.

We were very sad to leave Ft. Collins. We have really enjoyed our time there and everything that the fun little college town has to offer. We would love to go back and visit (it was like a mission for me).
but how hot is Jeff in this picture? Woo

 We truly were spoiled here! Is it a little sad that our favorite part was the washer/dryer. It was magical.

And we're off... 

It was so nice of the hotel to recognize Moby as a person and give him his own bed. Either that or they assumed that we were "having problems" as a couple and would need two beds. I don't know if I'm appreciative of their thoughtfulness or offended. And we do have a little kitchenette. And I did make eggs in a tea kettle- they worked out fine.
First things first.I spotted a Maverick on our way in and was in such a state of joy- I immediately fed my addiction and inhaled a delicious DC. And I was so happy to see the same summer deal as in SL- $1/Large Drink!
Also, I have had one of these every day...
Jeff? or Big Hunk?

Oh, Gillette.

So far, so good.

Being in a hotel has actually served me well- because I do not like to be kept in one room that somehow manages to be a bedroom, living room, small study area, and kitchen all day I have kept quite busy staying out and about. Its basically a condensed house.

Um, Rec center... aka awesome place to spend time has been super. This largest place ever has a huge rock climbing wall, free tanning, tennis, racketball, basketball, running track, full gym, lap pool, waterpark equipped with 2 outdoor waterslides, and foodcourt. This place is so large it amazes me. It is bigger than the Delta Center (what's Energy Solutions?)

I also love the view from my "house." Fields of amber followed by Kmart, Walmart, and KFC.

I have enjoyed my long showers filled with small sprinkles from the watering can shower head. However the hotel does compensate with 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. That saves a little time.

Oh my phone service! You have altered my iPhone appreciation by miles. In Ft. Collins my phone would be dead at 10 am from searching for service. It sort of worked outside, but mostly it just worked best downtown. But here I can actually play around with my phone- Can you imagine getting a new phone, and not just any phone but an iPhone and not even being able to experience it? I think those following me on instagram and twitter have all noticed my comeback. I also think that my iPhone obsession shows in my post lately- every photo has been instagrammed..

The restaurants here are fun... I told Jeff I love to look around at the different businesses here to see what it's all about. There is actually a Pizza sign advertising a Pizza place that doesn't exist- that makes me sad. I was excited when I saw the sign. There is also a Fresh Donuts sign with no store attached to it either.

Tonight we went to a "nice" restaurant. And it actually is really nice and was quite delicious. But the waitress kept calling me "girl." Which doesn't sound that weird until I put it into context "Can I get you anything to drink girl?" "And what would you like girl?" "Here is your food girl."
It was so weird. But she did totally botch my order, gave me chicken instead of salmon... How do you do that? And when we asked her if the house was taking care of it, she didn't even respond. So we had to talk to the hostess. Don't worry we got it handled. There's $20.00 kept in our wallets! It was entertaining and delicious and we will probably go back!

The people of Gillette have some pretty sweet style- Three of Jeff's sales here have asked him if they get a free hat? Now, Jeff likes his hat so much that I couldn't even find a picture of him wearing it- but I took one of me in it for you! haha- I love that they want a hat. He actually already gave one away.

Anyways... We are only in Gillette for a couple of weeks. But I really want to get my honky tonk on while I am here- I am going to buy a cowboy hat and wear it like I was born here. The other thing I could do it buy liquor since people do that a lot here and need like 20 liquor stores- so I'll get on that too.


  1. You are so funny! I'm happy to hear that you're making the most of your time in Gillette. We missed you on the 4th but I'm so happy to see that you're still in good spirits. You are such a patient wife. I hope we get to hang out in Jackson while I'm there!
    P.S. I love your new blog header. It makes me laugh.

  2. Wonderful blog update girl. I can't believe your hotel has that many amenities girl. You should definitely get the liquor store girl.