Monday, July 11, 2011


I have this silly problem where once I get an idea in my head it HAS to be executed.
Anyone who knows me knows this is very true. Especially about food... or treats.
Sometimes I catch Jeff being careful what he says.

Just the other day he said he would bring me home a BIG HUNK after work. Since we didn't have enough time to get one before work.
Well he didn't forget but he did go to three stores to find one. And then when he came home empty handed... and I had waited all day for one- we both got in the car on a mission and finally found one.

So there are some examples of my silliness. But I guess you could look at it as determination right?

So this week it has been s'mores. And when I wanted to roast them earlier this week- he said it would be more fun to roast marshmellows this weekend when other people are there and it can be a little party with everyone. So the week drags on slowly and I keep looking forward to s'mores. And then Sunday comes and I'm pretty sure Jeff forgot and thought I had forgotten but no- s'mores were devoured. And we were creative and patient and did them on a grill.
...don't worry I'm still married- I just forget my ring sometimes.

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