Sunday, August 28, 2011


-when jeff told me my eyes looked green. I've never been more offended in all my life. MY EYES ARE BLUE!

-our waiter kinda sorta looking like George Clooney... And him kinda sorta knowing too. So I decided not to pay him that HUGE compliment of looking like George Clooney.

-pulling oats out of cupboard, lid comes off: oats spill everywhere. Sweep up oats. Putting garbage bag in garbage can, accidentally kick dustpan: oats go everywhere, again.

-so the honey trades an old golf club for a bran new one, barely paying anything. I was a little sad since it was still my birthday week. I know right?? How could he??

-spending ALL my birthday money on bras! Honey didn't believe me that they cost as much as they do... Most expensive one tally'ed to $79.00. I told honey he needed to "support" me... Haha do you get it?

-going to Costco with Mom and coming home with clothes not food. Priorities.

1 comment:

  1. the part about the oats...i hate that! the part about the bras...they are SO expensive...the part about the golf clubs...i didn't get.